Runnin’ Low

IMG_20181124_173608Living requires a lot of energy – physical energy.  I didn’t realize this when I had more than I needed.  Most of the time now, my energy needle is surprisingly past the “E” and I wonder where I will finally run out and roll to a stop.  Is this due to the side effects of medications?  The side effects of Chemo, or radiation?  Is it due to Diabetes, or is it simply a normal part of getting older?

I’m learning to cope, to compensate, to not over-do.  I don’t mind walking away, pacing myself to finish a project tomorrow, or maybe just get back to it tomorrow (or soon).  When my body proposes a nap, I’ve learned it’s beneficial to take one (unless I’m driving).  It’s a use it or lose it invitation.

The Big Guns medication (Singulair) prescribed by my ear-nose-throat doctor has sadly lost the shoot out with my chronic throat clearing and cough.  When I asked him what’s next, he said we’re going to hit it hard with The Blunt Instrument!  That blunt instrument was Prednisone, a steroid that failed to obliterate.  I’m scheduled now to see him again to discuss a “Sinus Procedure”.

I survived the treadmill stress test (with nuclear imaging) for my heart doctor.  At our follow up appointment, he explained that the stress test was negative, but my nuclear imaging was positive, and that is a contradiction.  He explained how that could happen, and how he prefers to proceed as though I have some arterial blockage and the risk of a heart attack.  He doubled one of my daily medication doses and replaced another with something better.  He also led a horse to water with diet and exercise recommendations.

My brother rebuilt the Triumph Trike he’s owned for many years.  We took it and my Chevy to a Show & Shine while I was visiting him in Brookings.

2019 Brookings_0901_edited-1

2019 Brookings_0903_edited-2

2019 Brookings_0780_edited-1

I love taking and editing car show pictures.  You can see some of my favorites here.

Life is good (and very busy!).  I am blessed, and I remain thankful to God.


6 comments on “Runnin’ Low

  1. Tamara Wright says:

    I find that perpetual tiredness is, apparently, the new normal. 😴 I’ll be interested to hear about the sinus procedure as mine give me no end of grief and sleeplessness!!

    • scanfie says:

      The good thing I found about being perpetually tired is at bedtime when my sleepy head hits that welcoming pillow – I’m out. I see the Ear-Nose-Throat doctor in about two weeks. I hope to talk with someone(s) who has had the procedure he will be proposing. Thanks

  2. Kerry says:

    Hi – My life has required me to dodge the hard ball several times. I don’t always succeed at that and then I have to start over. I’ve had to start completely over twice and am now in the process for the third time. This time it included a near death experience so I guess I still have something to do before I graduate this scene. I realize that these experiences have strengthened my core being, which I consider my undying soul, to be so strong it is almost tangible to me. And my feelings of loss and sadness do not touch this place. Your words that you are blessed and remain thankful to God prompted me to reply to your post. I trust you have a good day, and keep on keeping the faith.

    • scanfie says:

      Thanks, Kerry: You sound very diligent and resourceful, much more than just a survivor. It’s been many years since I had to start over. It was never a pleasant experience, but I agree that it makes you stronger.

  3. alice Pawlicki says:

    Hang in there Scott. growing ‘older’ ( since you are much younger than me) isn’t easy. And especially when we have been active all our lives. But, this learning to slow down stinks. Your mind probably races ahead as mine does, and that makes us feel even slower. prayers and hugs to all.

    • scanfie says:

      Thanks, Alice. I try to remember that slowing down is much better than stopping, and my mind does race ahead, but if I wait patiently it usually comes back to find me.

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