Time In A Gigabytle

I loved that song Jim Croce sang in 1972 about saving time in a bottle.  I’m saving time in a virtual Gigabytle.  I finally finished shooting – copying – digitizing and archiving about 30 years of large, desk pad calendars.  I first mentioned the project here.  They were referred to as desk pads, but mine was always on my home-office wall.

Some of them flashed the month and year in LARGE FONT, like breaking news headlines, while a couple series appear to have had little interest in going public with the current month or year.  My personal, historical notations are the most significant inscriptions, but an extra treat was finding several ticket stubs.  They were tickets to events, now they’re tickets to the past.  They are, along with name tags, sticky notes, and other souvenirs, fastened to appropriate days or nearby margins.

When I put all the months in order, I found that some were missing.  January 1990 is missing, as is August 1995.  The entire years of 1998 and 1999 are missing.  Maybe we tried an alternative calendar then, but two random, single months?  My perfect alibi is shot.  Maybe in those missing months, I urgently needed some crushed paper packing materials, or something to quickly protect the floor under the cat-food dish.  I’m solid from September 1976 through 2007, except for those missing pages – those missing memories.  It’s not that they aren’t filed away in the database of my mind, it’s that the physical calendar pages turned out to be the “product code” that unlocks them.


If anyone has been waiting for the opportunity to rewrite a little history, I’m accepting bids on a full set of like new, never marked, but naturally aged 1980 (20″ X 25″) calendar pages.


2 comments on “Time In A Gigabytle

  1. Don MacDonald says:

     HEY there sounds to me you have your work cut out for ya for a wile .   It will be interesting for ya for sure once you get it  all together.  I made a mistake many years ago when I had to go down   south to take care of things for my dad when he pass  away.. THERE as a box full of family pictures that I left . Had no interest in picking them up .  ONE other things if something happen there would be no one to pass them down to . So I guess in a way I did the right  thing buy letting them and the 64  rambler was pack tighth for we took down the little 2 door . At that time I had a new motor and everything ran sweet .  So I figure we would be ok and it went down that way . Had a good trip .  A lot had happen during we were down there  and I just wanted to do what I had to do and get out . Had to deal with some one  elelst at the time . O well that is old history.   That is just what  I  did and  been regeting it since . Sounds to me your lucky  To this day I  have all ways wish I would have pick up that box . O well   .   Any way I wish you luck on every thing that is going on  and I am keeping you in my prayers . We Still want to get back to ya once the weather settles down.   We went to Nw last night had a fun time   Diane broke her buggy but thank to Kelly lundford  her sponcer she was able to get it back to to gerher with his help and have fun .  She told me everything she did that day went bad but as the evening went on it got better and the night turn out good.  Had good weather going home got home around   11 pm for us that is normal on pot luck night .    OK thanks for the up date. Like I say allways enjoy  your up dated .  Talk to ya later  O ya thought you may like the pictures of last night and Diane .   The track has been change and soon there is going to be  big race I think about the 20 of that weeken. 

    • scanfie says:

      Don: Moving into a new computer is fun, and usually a good thing, but it is also a bit like moving into a new house – you can misplace or break things while you’re trying to get organized (again). That’s what I’ve been doing this last week. Jason helped me (by doing the real work) and I’m almost feeling at home now in the new “build.” That’s why I haven’t gotten back to you. I have a couple times like you described, where I sure wish I could go back and re-do (or un-do) something. I haven’t run my cars in a while, I haven’t even worked on them since the last run, but I’ll get to it. Thank you for your prayers.

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