Do You Experience Facial Pain?

The Allergists spreadsheet test on my arms revealed no allergies, so he sent me for a blood draw and another allergy test.  With needle in hand and me in the draw chair, the young nurse was considering (PUN WARNING!!) her best shot .  I told her to poke where she would, but – as I pointed to the back of my right hand, I told her they usually end up here.  She politely dismissed my suggestion and began tapping the front of my left elbow, almost as if choosing a ripe watermelon.  The thump felt right to her, so that’s where she put the needle.  Sometimes I don’t even feel it.  Sometimes it stings a little and I flinch just to keep in practice.  It hurts the worst when they lift up on the syringe as they pull the needle out of my vein.  Sometimes they back the needle out just a bit and make a right or left turn as they push it back in.  That’s what she was doing.  She was getting only a dribble of blood, and after what seemed like an extended wait (hoping to vindicate her poor target choice for the draw) there wasn’t enough in the tube to test.  She sighed, removed the needle, apologized for not listening to me, and stuck a new needle in the top of my right hand.  That test also pronounced me allergic to nothing.

So, I saw the Ear – Nose – and Throat doctor.  Maybe he can discover the cause for my chronic throat clearing.  I had seen him previously for a persistent cough and again for a plugged ear.  I told him I was tired of this constant growling, vocal grinding, and throat clearing.  I told him it’s been going on a long time, and that I couldn’t remember when it started.  He said I was doing that when he saw me five years ago.  I hadn’t finished the questionnaire before being escorted to the waiting room, so the doctor was reading the list of yes or no questions to me: Does it ever…..?  “I answered, No.”  Have you ever…….?  “No.”  Did you ever…..?  “No.”  Do you ever… experience sinus or facial pain?  “No.  Wait a minute!  Did you just ask me if my face hurts?”  He glanced sideways from the clip board barely turning his head, and in a timid voice, as if unsure his words should be audible, he answered with that old punch line, “It’s killing me.”  We both laughed.  I told him we said that all the time when I was a kid – and it was funny every time!  He said me too!  He explained that he probably read this questionnaire ten times a day, and each time he comes to this question, he’s tempted to say what we always said (but i suppose that could make him appear to be irresponsible).  We enjoyed that good laugh, and he actually said, “Thank you.”

Juanita's 70th_1947_edited-1

Mt Hood (PUN WARNING STILL IN EFFECT!) looking cool 


4 comments on “Do You Experience Facial Pain?

  1. Don MacDonald says:

    HELLO Scott yes I can relay to the shot story. Of  many years ago .Long story but I ended up asking for her boss every thing turn out ok but I had a black and blue and sore arm for that day.   So yup I know what your talking about and I am not joking with ya .    Sounds like you and DR got a long  good. NOW that is one more thing I can say I  have a   Nurce pratinster   Grate guy . easy to talk to and he is willing to do what I need to  take care of a problem . As far as I  am concern he is as good or better then any DR that I have had in the pass.     All ways nice to have DR that you joke around with and enjoy talking to  him . ONE more big thing an Trust .  That is what counts .    OK you stay good and no more going to the DRs unless  you have to:-))   . I try my best to stay a way from mind but when I need the help I know he can help me. .  His Nerce  both of us have known her for many years and know some of her family history but we are much older then her 😉 but who is knot ;-)) . o well talk to  ya soon  Right now  I am sure Diane has told were laying low with all of the flu it seems everyone I know including Diane is  fighting a cold   of some kind ? for some reason I have been ok but then I am now poping  Vitamen  OR VC like it  is candy .  I be live in that 100 percent.   later  ______ and thanks

    • scanfie says:

      Hi, Don: I did end up with a pretty good purple spot from her first try. Even though my doctors all seem to be real nice people, I never go see them unless I have to. I know you and Diane are hiding out from the flu, I wish you continued success. A couple people at work have had it, but so far, I have not. I went with Jason to RC Plus yesterday. I usually work on my cars and then take them to the track, this time I went to the track to work on the cars. It was a nice day – I fixed a few things and broke a few things (you know how it goes).

  2. Craig says:

    Absolutely great story, from digging the needle around to your face is killing me. Since being diagnosed I always seem to be asked if I have a cold or something due to my sinuses showing something on my PET scans. I too am looking at food allergies or sensitivities. I think the pin pricks look for IGA response. IGG responses can take up to 72 hours. I don’t think that test is very accurate. Write again soon. Craig

    • scanfie says:

      Craig: Thanks for having a look. I will report the diagnosis, if ever there is one. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be, “possibly a side effect of chemo.” That sounds like another way of saying, “I don’t know, I give up.” Good luck to you.

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