Slipping Away

Summer is slipping away, but it has been wonderful.


Kellen driving my old RC-10T and keeping it mostly on the track

Both of our sons with their families visited us this summer.  We made good memories and I took pictures.  This is the second year my grandson, Kellen, has been driving radio control cars.  At age three, he’s improved quite a bit.  My two year old granddaughter, Sauvie, began her RC driving lessons during her visit this summer.

Click here to see Lincoln City with Robin & family (check out the sunsets).

At Brandon’s request, I sold both of his old Chevrolet’s this summer.  His ’62 Corvair was here for about 10 years, and his ’63 Nova for 15.

Shop Doors small

The previous line up of collector cars in our shop


1962 Corvair-38b

He’s never cranked a car window?

The Corvair sold first, a father and son team bought it.  The son is 14, and hopes to be driving it when he gets his license.  He tried on the driver seat and steering wheel as he scanned the dashboard and interior.  Spotting the window crank on the open driver’s door, he pointed at it and asked, “What’s that?”

That sale created an empty space in the shop, but like digging a hole in wet sand; it began filling in right away.  The Nova sold about a month later, and with two empty bays, it may actually take a few weeks for the shop’s gravitational pull to fill those spaces.

2017 09 08_9884bMy brother, Loren, rode his new Street Glide to Newberg for our Dressel Family Reunion.  I put red lights on the garage floor – not so much as a guide to the landing/parking area, but as a Welcome.

He brought his new electric RC Truck.  We were running two lap races on my back yard dirt track Sunday morning before church; I had the home field advantage, but – he beat me five races in a row!

2017-09-09_9826bWe also got to run our cars on the indoor AstroTurf track in Salem, RC Plus.  That was fun, and while there I drove for the first time, my new Losi 3.0 buggy (thanks, Jason).  I have two bodies for it, and the one I like best features my granddaughter’s likeness.  When I told her dad how quick that car can get around the track, he indicated that was fitting – quick like Sauvie.  He asked if it also jumps a lot.  Actually the car does jump a lot, how did he know that?

I may have taken some of my best pictures this summer.  The years of pictures I have taken of my kids and the pictures I am taking of my grandkids will always be my most treasured.  Other than family, my favorite photo opportunity is an event called “I Dragged The Gut (in downtown McMinnville),” or sometimes called “Dragging The Gut Festival.”  I love taking pictures there, and I have developed a style I call Dream Shots (that’s easier to say than low light exposure with slow shutter blurring that makes a still picture indicate motion).  Click here to see more.

2017-IDTG_9249bAlso from this year, possibly my best car show pictures, and I was very happy with these fireworks pictures (some in this album taken earlier).

I saw the heart doctor to follow up on the EKG and stress test.  He found nothing serious, and suggested I improve my diet, lose weight, get into better shape, and come back later for another look.


Boot & Brace

I saw the foot doctor.  I don’t know why it hurt, but I waited weeks for the tendon above my heel to get better, but it got worse, so – doctor – foot doctor – x-rays – MRI – Achilles Tendinitis – special boot and physical therapy.  It’s getting better.

I saw the belly doctor.  My sticking out belly button was getting worse.  It seemed I was constantly holding or pushing it back in, and sometimes it didn’t want to go back in, and one time after a reluctant push-in, there appeared red spots near it.  So – doctor – belly doctor – Ultrasound – bowel in the button – surgery (scheduled for October)!

The air boot helps if you don’t mind clunking around wearing one extra large ski boot, and the Lumbar lower back brace support belt frees up the hand that would be pressing the hernia.

I saw the Oncologist, three terrific months had passed since my last visit, so – visit friends with needles (who draw blood) – tests – and my favorite test results: no change.  I can live with that.  I remain daily thankful to God.


6 comments on “Slipping Away

  1. Tamara Wright says:

    LOVE everything about this post….you two are magnificently blessed!!!

  2. Don MacDonald says:

     HELLO Finely got a chance to sit down and get back to ya .   Been on the go for a wile with a lot going on and yes I know that  is bad reason for not getting back in touch but that is the only one I have ;-))     Glad things are going good for ya and things went as you plan.  FOR the most part things went good for us except for  July and you know the story behind that . NO need to get any feather on that one .     Well we finely took a short road trip down to Albany and stay at  some friends of ours . THE motor home ran sweet no problems at all . After being out of for all most 3  years and getting back on the road with it everything came back to us like we step out of  it yesterday.   Everything in the motor home itself work good . NIce to have the roof repaird no more leaks saw that about a week ago with the hard rains. We love it even smelled dry during the hard wind and rain that was neat.   I got to the air show late Sunday after we go back from Albany o ya on the way home stop off at Salem and got a few laps in on the new lay out fun track once you got use to  it . TOOK very few pictures this time . of any of the trip. DONT know why neather one us did not think about it . Just enjoy being out finely.      THE tank club was part of the show so I got in free no charge for any thing got into  couple of tank battles with the tank had  fun. Saw a few flying  air craft showing off like they  do at  an air show.  BUT To be honest there was not as many air craft there . FOR I remember a lot more back in the 80s when I went a couple of times.. TO be honest kind of disaponting to me but for free I  wont complane and got a free lunch out of it.     I did enjoy being with the club and that was our last show for the more until July  then we stay all over again .    SO any way have  a good week and thanks for keeping me posted on what all has been going on . talk to ya when you get the time   DON  O ya were both doing good.

    • scanfie says:

      Hi, Don: That’s good news about the motor home getting back on the road (with no leaks).
      Someday I’m going to go to an air show, it’s just been poor timing so far.
      That’s probably the same lay-out at RC Plus that my brother and I drove. It took some getting used to (but it always does), and my brother (has never run on any indoor track) said he had more fun on my little back yard track (probably because he was beating me). I wanted to have a small, invitational race this summer, but here we are and summer is circling the drain. Do you remember the Fir tree on the edge of my track? It died and will be removed (free firewood if someone wants to cut it down). With that tree gone, I can reconfigure the track stretching it over to the shop with room for a good straight stretch and big jump, and room to land without instantly making a hard turn.

  3. deborah venoy says:

    You take wonderful pictures and write so well, most of all you have the most beautiful family. You are truly a blessed man.

    • scanfie says:

      Thanks, Debbie: I love to take (and edit) pictures, and I do enjoy writing. I don’t know if anyone will ever enjoy my pictures or words as much as I do, but as long as I do, I hope to keep at it. There’s a little more to my beautiful family; I wish you could see my Granddaughter. She is a precious blessing. I feel like I’m excluding her, but her dad doesn’t want her face on the Internet and I understand. We get to enjoy many pictures of her, they just don’t get shared online.

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