It took a long time to become an old man

I don’t remember crossing the line, I’m sure it was a slow accumulation of things beginning with reading glasses and hairs turning gray.  Now I am a grandfather, older and wiser; but the wisdom that comes with age seems to be discounted by occasional forgetfulness.  No one really cares about what I have seen, done, or learned, because now I am old.  As a young man, I remember hearing firsthand the observations of old men, observations that sounded like complaints about the growing disrespect and lack of morality displayed by my younger generation.  I thought, come on, it’s not all that!  But in my heart I suspected they could be right.  Now we all know they were.  Not wanting to sound like the crotchety old men I didn’t want to hear, I struggle to wait patiently for the day my son will ask for advice, advice I know he needs right now.  I don’t know the proper procedure (I had no dad to advise me), but I’m holding some real pearls of wisdom for him.  I don’t want to offer them up unsolicited because that guidance is never welcomed.  I hope when the day comes that he does ask, I can remember these pearls of wisdom, or at least remember where I wrote them down.

Lincoln City_6741b

Lincoln City last week, just before I turned 65


2 comments on “It took a long time to become an old man

  1. Don MacDonald says:

    HELLO well as you know I have  my hands full with Diane .  BUT I am  handleing it . as much as I can. She is one mess up lady but If I try to keep her mind off of what has happen and keep it going another way. IT seems to work for a wile.  I am doing ok    Ya I sure understand what your saying on age. I have allways tried to look at as a number and depending on  how I feel 😉 when I get up or what I am doing that tells it all;-)     At least your feeling good and things are going just as good as  you want . That dose it for me. I know you have had your share of problems more then most but like me you allways get it  work out.     Sounds to me your doing good for the most part.  YOUIR still moving and kicking 😉  any way have a grate day and we will get together sooner or later .  Thanks for the yell.  DON

    • scanfie says:

      Don, I was sure sorry to hear about your cat, Patches, and what had to be done. It hurts to lose a loyal friend. Yes, it is very strange for me to think about being 65, but as you say – I am doing good for the most part. My life continues to overflow with blessings. I wanted to invite you and Diane, Jason and Jalen, and maybe a couple more for a Race Day on my back yard track, but now my out door car is broken and I don’t know when I will have time to fix it; many blessings keep me really busy. I’ll let you know, but we should get together anyway.

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