The Grudge Race

I took my Radio Controlled car, a Losi Short Course Buggy, when I visited my brother at the coast.  He has a Traxxas four wheel drive R/C gas truck.  I love the big fat tires on it.  At the beach, I was quickly putting parking lot dirt and debris in the air with the wheels of my little car while my brother was working at getting his gas motor started.  When he got it running, we had a lot of fun speeding and skidding out on the sand.  I challenged him to a straight line race from way over here to way over there.  It was a clean start, neck and neck as I slowly began pulling ahead, but by the ¾ mark, he caught and passed me.  I could feel it in my battery, I should have recharged between the parking lot and the beach.

I suggested a rematch, but he would savor his win for a year.  When I got home, I ordered another battery, one with extra punch.  Next year I would be ready…..   And there would be no burning up half the pack before the race!

With my next annual visit, the grudge race was on.  I had a C100 fully charged, and I resisted (most of) the temptation to speed up and down the sand until after my impending victory.  My brother had his truck making smoke in his garage before we headed out, and shortly it was running again at the beach.  Soon we were back on our imaginary starting line and he yelled Go!  With the kindness and humility of a loving big-brother, I won’t go on about how badly I beat him.  We’ll just say that it was my turn to savor the win.

RC Cars on the Beach

The race was over and I still had a couple battery packs to burn up, and that wide open sand was enticing.  We were Cat & Mouse chasing, drifting, fishtailing, and purely enjoying radio controlled fun.

Before long, I packed some sand against a baseball bat sized piece of driftwood for a jump.  My brother had to restart his truck several times, and ended up replacing three glow plugs that day.  Finally, it would not start, so I invited him to drive my SCB while I took pictures of it flying off the jump.  He liked it enough to consider going electric.  I can’t wait for the race next year!


This month I had my follow up appointment with my heart doctor’s associate.  Going in, my question and reason for seeing the doctor was, “Why do I get so easily out of breath?”  Does it have to do with the cancers, the treatments, or am I just getting old and out of shape?  The diagnosis and official answer: My stress test showed the possibility of a minor abnormality, but before further investigation, they suggest I lose weight, exercise more (get into better shape), and come back in three months for more tests.

I also had my three month appointment with my oncologist.  She used my favorite medical term (concerning the protein they test for because it’s a real good indicator of what the cancer is doing), “undetectable.”  I can live with that.



4 comments on “The Grudge Race

  1. Tamara Wright says:

    Doesn’t get much better than that 😊….enjoy a carefree Summer!!

    • scanfie says:

      Thanks, Tami. Brandon and family visited recently, Robin and family will visit in July, so my summer is poised to be wonderful. I hope your’s is too.

  2. Don MacDonald says:

    HEY there nice to here about your race and what you have been up to . Ya lipo and brushless finely took over Gas for the most part  We saw a few die hard gas rc racers go to brushless got tired of the problems .   Glad your doing good. Hope this heat dose not affect you to bad.   FOR the most part were doing ok . I still have problems with my knee if I push It to far. I know I have to try to relook into it some time down the road.  If it was not for the dental meds It would have been taken care of last year. but I have learn to deal and live with it .    As for Diane she had small finger surgery about 2 weeks ago had stiches taken out last tuseday and she is now happy for she can play her gatar again. That was the first thing she tried  so she is now pushing her finger to get better and stronger all  of the time. As for Driving the truck she can do that  As for driving RC that is still a little ways down the road.  BUT all in all were doing good.    OK Do keep in touch when you can my best to both of ya and keep us up to date .  Have a nice weeken. Thanks

    • scanfie says:

      Thanks, Don. I do hope you get your knee surgery eventually, unless you decide hold off on it. I didn’t know about Diane’s finger surgery. She can’t drive RC now? I hope she can in time for the First Annual Invitational RC Summer Race I’m thinking about having on my back yard track later this summer. There might not be more than Jason, Jalen, You, Me, and Diane; but I think it would be fun.

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