I love Christmas

I love my memories of Christmases past.  The ones when our boys were little are the ones I cherish most.  This Christmas, after a snow cancelled flight and driving a rental car through the night with friends we just made at the airport, Diane and I arrived for a week’s stay at our oldest son’s house in Michigan’s UP.  It was our first reunion with our grown up sons, their wives and kids (is it a re-union if it’s the first time?).

One Christmas morning years ago, Diane gave me a 1957 Chevy (click here to read about that).  That’s a memory that’s hard to beat, but this year was our best Christmas yet.  Holding and interacting with our little grandchildren was priceless.  Witnessing how our sons love their wives and kids was rewarding.  Diane got to ski again after many years, and I got to take pictures with my new camera (shot hundreds, shoulda taken more).  We played in the house and we played in the snow.



Robin took this shot through his phone, from the camera on the drone, before a take-off

My younger son, Robin, gave me a flying camera, a drone. My first flying lesson began by launching it from the ice covered snow in the garden.  I hope it’s a good memory for my three year old grandson, Kellen, when he hugged the gate for protection like I told him, as the nearly controlled drone buzzed over his head to awkwardly touchdown behind him in the back yard.


Brandon made this ’57 Chevy on his computer


This Christmas could have only been better if, on top of being with our kids and grand kids, I received another classic Chevy.  Well, actually, my oldest son, Brandon, did give me a 57 Chevy he made with his computer and router.

I hope this gathering was a preview of Christmases future.

A few weeks after returning home, I was in Portland to help my brother, Mark, prepare to move.  Later, we drove over to see our brother Dan at his Alpha Stone Works shop.  While Dan was showing me the new stone cutter (he went to Germany to buy) he asked how I was, and if my cancer was gone now.  I explained that Multiple Myeloma doesn’t go away, but I’m doing okay right now, and that I get tested every three months to monitor the cancer.  I told him, “I expect to do that for the rest of my life…..  Get it?  For the rest of my life?” Because next time the cancer activates, or the time after that – one of those times will be the last time, and the following result will be my life ending.  Usually quite stoic, he let out a hearty chuckle.  He appreciated that dark humor enough to recount it later at the restaurant with the five of us at the table.  We all enjoyed a good laugh (though some politely tried to resist), not over the inevitable end of my life, but from stumbling upon a little sarcastic humor in the situation.


On our last visit to the shore of Lake Superior, we were burning our bare feet on hot sand just a short walk from here.

I remain thankful to God for a life full of blessings.



6 comments on “I love Christmas

  1. Don MacDonald says:

     HELLO  time for an up date from me now 😉   OK first off in the morning I go to GOOD Sam for a join class It will be 2 hours ?  THEN I got in for pre reguture  and a couple of  check overs. SO this time I am ready for what ever  they want to throw at me . Un like last time 😉    SOUNDSL  like you had fun over  Christmas and New years.  We   did not do a thing went to a Christmas family dinner and stayed home on New years . I don’t like to be on the road on that day for sure.  TO many drinking and driving  . I feel safe just staying home .    THEN When the snow hit all 13 inches of it I was busy trying to keep things clear  of the snow .  I hope we don’t get hitl  like that again for long wile. I did not like and we were snowed in for I  could not get the truck out at all .  BUT finely did  as it was starting to rain and snow started  melting We still have a little  nothing to cause any prolblems . YES THE news was right on the money on what they were saying and showing .          So now you have a up date on use. WE might go down tuseday to race at salem  .We went down to Nw just last Thursday and had real fun time . It was also pot luck and pizza night .  So it was al like one big party all night long . Left the track at 11 pm . Kelly  ask Diane if we had the time to come over to the shop and he help her with how to do things on gaitrars and she even got to play with an electric. that may cause me  problem now /;-))   So we will see as time goes on.  She may end up with one sooner or later?    She was thing  about a new B 6 buggy but I have  a feeling that  it will be a wile be for she gets one. I did pick  up a real good mid engine M 5  buggy with all of the goodys all ready there.  IT will be only carpit only NO dirt or clay . That may go to my B-4  instead . I pulled out all of the RC gear out of it for now even pulled out the motor.  and servo  IT is the way it was when I got it many years  ago.     So on that one there is not much more I can tell ya        OK have  good week and I wil give you more updates on myself as they change for us  Thanks for the Personal E mail   DON

    • scanfie says:

      Don, Thanks for the update. Diane went to a class before her knee surgery. I know your’re scheduled for one in just a few weeks, and then you’ll have some time at home getting better. We did have the best Christmas ever, I’m sure glad we got to do that. There was quite a bit of snow this year, and it was the first time I got to drive a snow plow. Man that was fun! You control it with a kind of game control handle. Pot luck and pizza at the RC track sounds real nice. I was just talking with Jason, we might make it to a track in the next few weeks. He has almost enough spare parts to build a buggy, and I may make him an offer on them. I’ll talk with you later.

  2. Diane MacDonald says:

    Absolutely love the photo of your little grandchild. Such joy in his face! Would make a great Christmas card next year.

    • scanfie says:

      Thanks, Diane. I slid down the hill once, just to do it, but I would much rather take pictures, trying for a great shot like that, which turned out to be one of my favorites from Christmas.

  3. pmdello says:

    Great post Scott. Your Christmas with sons and grandchildren sounds joyous. Best wishes to you in the New Year!

    • scanfie says:

      Thanks, PM, it was the best. I always enjoy reading your blog, and I admire how wonderfully you paint a picture with words. You post some real nice pictures, too. Stay well.

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