MRI’s Update

Did you know that having two MRI’s back to back is almost considered a medical marathon?  The technicians were so proud of me that upon my next visit I’m sure to see my picture on the wall in the MRI room commemorating that historical event.

2016 07 03_0507frame

Probably something like this

My Oncologist called to tell me the determinations from the MRI’s.  They showed a new compression at vertebrae L3 (about a 20% loss, I’m another ¼” shorter) and severe arthritis.

The symptoms often reported with compression of vertebrae L3 include
restful sleep, reduced appetite, and weight loss.

Following up with my family doctor was recommended if I want to consider back injections, physical therapy, and/or cement.  This back pain that also goes down my legs has been with me to some degree for years.  Today I am feeling a little better than two weeks ago.  Who would have thought one would ever measure progress by the speed and agility with which you put on your underwear and socks?


6 comments on “MRI’s Update

  1. Tamara Wright says:

    When bad news is good news 🙂

    • scanfie says:

      Hi, Tami: You are right, it’s a curious riddle, When is a crushed vertebra and sever arthritis good news? When it’s not cancer! I saw my “Family” doctor today, she prescribed pain meds and physical therapy for the symptoms, I guess you can’t re-generate what has degenerated in your spine. Still, the blessings overflow.

  2. Don MacDonald says:

    HELLO  Scott well looks like your in the  Medical history books. NOT sure if you ever wanted it but at least your walking history 😉 NOT my way of doing it but looks like your there ;-))  OK how ya doing other wise. ?  Ya I know doing good and  having fun when you can that is .  We still need to get out to ya during this summer and spend sometime with ya.   I know Diane has your parts ready she spent part of the morning this morning finding what all you needed. So you will have to talk to her about all of that for this one is between the both of ya  I have nothing to do with it.   NOW talking about RC I got the 4 wheeler running good and have plans of picking up that body I told you about in the near future.   It was easy to up date that rig of mind to a 48 pictch gear just had to add a brass bushing and drill out the center a little thank goodness I have a few bushings to play with.  So it run sweet and no sine of a problem?? well at least not yet .        OUT at the track could be another story only time will tell?? I am expecting a few problems IT usely happens but it keeps me going and learning along the way.  BEEN there many times in the pass when I do a custom build I usely get the problems taken care of in the end.     Did you get the pictures I sent of the PT ? IT came out better then I was thinking it was going to .    OK on that one I will let you and I do like the picture and plack they did for ya so dose that stay at the HOSPTIAL  or do you get to keep it ? just wondering .        Did you get to the car show yesterday. Diane spent her time at the track and I stayed home got a few things done including some house  work that she was going to do but I took care of it and she was happy to see she did not have to do it Ya sometimes I  will do KP ;-))       So on that I will let you go and do keep us posted on what all happens . I will do the same for ya on my end.          later    DON  

    • scanfie says:

      Hi, Don: I haven’t made it into any Medical History books yet, and I don’t think I want to unless it’s for spontaneous remission. I put that Double MRI award together as an example of what I’ll be looking for next time I go in there. I do appreciate Diane looking through her spare parts and finding those hubs. I let her know I got a pair from Jason, but next time we’re together, I might try to get a couple extras from her. I hope to replace that hub today and finish my first summer run of the track with the shinny side up. I did get the pictures of the PT boat and it looks great. I’m sure Mr Jack Duncan has it displayed with honor. We did get to the car show, it was a nice day and nice event, The Donald Hazelnut Festival.

  3. Scott, glad to hear you are doing better. Keep fighting.

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