Cliff Hanger?

My last low dose chemo shot was New Years Eve 2015. My Oncologist said to come back in three months for testing. Three months have passed. I went for tests on April 4th and anxiously waited for the results. I also saw my Urologist that same day, my five year and final appointment with him. His office called later to say my PSA (Prostate cancer indicator) was undetectable. I love that word. My three month test results for Multiple Myeloma, although reported mostly in Medical Greek, were finally posted to a web site I access.

This message was included with the report: “The serum protein electrophoresis exhibits a possible monoclonal immunoglobulin band in the gamma region. Serum immunofixation (IFE) for further identification of this band has been reflex ordered.” And this: “A reflex test is a laboratory test performed (and charged for) subsequent to an initially ordered and resulted test. Reflex testing occurs when an initial test result meets pre-determined criteria (e.g., positive or outside normal parameters), and the primary test result is inconclusive without the reflex or follow-up test. It is performed automatically without the intervention of the ordering physician.” That alone does not mean bad news, but it seems a step in that direction. My Oncologist said she would call me if there was anything we need to discuss; so far, no call.

In the meantime, there’s much to do as I remain among the living.  I finally connected the computer to the stereo, I continue organizing photos, and I actually think I spotted retirement way out there on the horizon.

2016 02 27_0505

This is my second new Radio Control car, a Losi 22T with one of my favorite racing bodies from the old days.  For now, this is an indoor turf track only car .

2016 01 30_0300

It’s fun to run it with friends at the RC Plus track in Salem, Oregon.

2016 04 02_0013

My two year old grandson, Kellen, is learning to drive RC cars with an old RC10T.  He’s got tight circles pretty well figured out, and is very familiar with the transmitter’s on/off switch (it’s just fascinating!).

Brookings 2016-10

I recently had another great visit with my brother, Loren, in Brookings, Oregon.

2016 01 12_0001

The winter project on the Chevy this year was replacing the rear main seal.  Check that off the list!

2016 02 14_0473 copy

I’m not sure how this will play out, but my scalp has become consumed with “Revenge Of Chemo Hair.”

2016 03 31_3683

I meant to include this picture, “taking time to smell the flowers,” with Kellen.



10 comments on “Cliff Hanger?

  1. Tamara Wright says:

    Still praying for that remission to hold tight, Scott! You and Diane look great. This weekend was a little rough….Jerry and I would have celebrated our fiftieth. Doing better today….enjoy what you have 🙂

  2. Don MacDonald says:

    Hey Scott  all of the news sounds grate. looks like your going to have a future racing buddy.  We all started out that some way.  YES even us with a small radio shack car then went onto the big stuff. .  LIKE YOU and the rest RC ten trucks.  Keep us posted with what all is going on .  O ask Diane about a  new RC  TOY  she got last week  from a close friend of ours .   Thanks DON

    • scanfie says:

      Thanks, Don. It was fun introducing him to RC. I turned the speed control way down. He’s two years old and not real interested in instructions right now, but I hope this will be a good memory for him (it is for me).

  3. Betsy says:

    Scott, Im taking this as Fantastic News. You’ve been to the depths of Hell. Taken more than anyone I know and have survived. This must be an amazing Feeling. My Heart feels Joy and Peace for you. Life is Great!!!! Enjoy! Hugs

    • scanfie says:

      Thanks, Betsy. Life is Great! I remember you had quite a serious medical experience and survived. The most amazing feeling I can tell you about was much earlier in this adventure, not knowing what would happen, when I learned how many people were praying for me, God’s Peace came over me. It was a calming peace that made me understand that I don’t have to fear.

  4. Thanks for the update. Live life to the fullest. Prayers said for you.

  5. Great blog, glad you’re doing well. rock on…

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