No Shots – No Change

After a few missed shots, I thought I felt a kind of thawing out sensation in the neuropathy in my feet, but no symptoms or side effects have really changed.

I’m still sorting and organizing files in my picture archives.  Lately my push is assigning dates to my pre-digital camera pictures.  Those picture files report the date they were scanned as being the date they were taken, which is far from accurate.  I can fairly guesstimate dates for pictures with my kids in them, but without them, it’s tough.

Many years ago, Diane and I stepped out in faith and started a small business.  If you are or have ever been self employed, you know what I mean about stepping out in faith.  In the startup supplies we purchased for our in-home office was our first, large, 23×18” wall calendar.  It was great for scheduling and recording my jobs and other work related items.  I also began adding personal notes like birthday reminders and event dates.  Before long, the wall calendar became a sort of “Express Lane diary for five items or less.”  My favorite entries are from after our kids came along.  There are a lot of “first did” and “first said” notations.  On December 17, 1980, my 2 ½ year old son said he will shoot and kill the neighbors.  Where did he get that?  In November, three years later, the same son asked if your spirit was like a bubble with God in it.  Where did he get that?  Kids are funny.  Overall the calendars tell a story of busy people quite involved with family and friends.

2016 02 04_0332

I have hundreds of pictures that need accurate dates.  I have about 372 monthly calendar pages from 1976 to 2007 that remember most of the events represented by pictures needing dates.  All I have to do is match them up!  The Blessings continue.


4 comments on “No Shots – No Change

  1. Don MacDonald says:

       Well it sounds just grate .  Allways nice to keep busy and allways getting and dealing with all of the good stuff .  Ya sounds like you do have a job for sure to keep you busy.   OK Monday is open for ya .  Be looking forward of seeing ya. >thanks  Have  grate weeken. 

  2. Kerri says:

    Hi there.. My husband suffered from severe neuropathy from velcade that did not reside when the drug was stopped..we tried lyrica and neurontin with no relief..after months of trying our oncologist suggested cymbalta 10 mg once a day and the relief was immediate and he has been pain free since.. I hope this help.. Blessings, Kerri

    • scanfie says:

      Kerri; thanks for the tip. I’ll ask my Oncologist next appointment. My Neuropathy has remained at the point on the pain scale just before discomfort actually turns to pain. It’s an annoyance 24/7, but it could be worse. Did your husband have any side effects from the Cymbalta?

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