What’s The Limit Around Here?

I saw my pulmonologist this week (my sleep doctor). I told him that although I use my Bi-pap every night, I’m still tired all the time. He said there is a new, recently approved prescription drug made specifically for folks like me with sleep apnea. It’s a mild stimulant that fights off sleepiness during the day. It’s called the Sleep Problem Exacerbation Eliminator Drug, or SPEED for short. I picked up my prescription today.

Our grandson visiting, maybe now I'll have the speed to keep up with him.

Our grandson visiting, maybe now I’ll have the speed to keep up with him.


3 comments on “What’s The Limit Around Here?

  1. Don MacDonald says:

    OK  just be carful with a new drug but you all ready know that one..  tell me if  works or not.  FOR I have problems sleeping at times. BUT then I do take naps sometimes in the afternoons So that may a problem .  YOUIR grand son looks cute.  HE may have to work to keep up with you now ;-))        FROM what I learn and was told by the person from evergreen they  want us to pay to play with the tanks and be part of there show .  I talk it over with the  guys and all of them said that is a no .  So it looks like last year was the last  year. ;-(  I did not make last year but I did that one year and it was fun. o o well cant when them all. but we try.   Have  good weeken we have the last show in Vancouver in the Morning and that will be IT for the season.   OK thank you for the up date talk to ya soon   DON

    • scanfie says:

      Don, so far the SPEED (actually called Nuvigil) is working. I don’t feel quite so tired in the afternoon. I may drink less Mt. Dew now for medicinal purposes. Sorry about the Evergreen situation. If you are in Oregon City this weekend, look me up at the car show.

  2. […] I repeated my complaint, “I’m so tired of being tired,” and answered yes when he asked if the pills were helping. He quickly instructed, “Up the dosage.”  I think he likes to practice a little […]

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