Twenty Six More Shots Please

On April 10th, I passed the one year mark with my bi-weekly Velcade subcutaneous injections. That would be 26 shots in the stomach, except one was withheld because my platelets were too low. So, it’s 25 down and potentially 26 to go. My Oncologist said the current thinking is that two years of this low dose maintenance chemo is optimum and will likely buy me time, but continuing beyond that has no real benefit. The chemouflage pattern I had across my stomach from the shots has turned to more of a mud smear. Each injection is the same dose, but the reactions vary. None of the reactions even come close to being a deal breaker, so on with the shots!

Robin took this great tripod shot on our hike above Horse Tail Falls Tuesday.

Robin took this great tripod shot on our hike above Horse Tail Falls Tuesday.


2 comments on “Twenty Six More Shots Please

  1. Don MacDonald says:

    Hello well I finely got a chance to read your note. Well as much as It would bother me about shots and I don’t like them myself but if it ment to keep me going I would say bring them on.  YOUR one strong person for sure.         Were going to have to get together this summer and run our rigs. You know  if you could ever do it go on down to Albany NW Hobbys they have a nice in door clay track . YOU would  like it .That is wear we go   once a month to race or I should say Diane dose . I corner for her and spend time  with every one . WE love it down there. FOR us is a 3 hour round trip and  just under 200 miles each mount but for us it  is well worth it . If your ever interested let us know . Then would figure out a way to do it with ya . Cassy the owner   put in  oval as well .  so anyway  keep in touch when you get the time thanks   DOn

    • scanfie says:

      Don, Let’s do try to get together and run the cars, maybe at Meldrum Bar. I want to try that track at least once this spring or summer. If you and Diane go to the track in Albany every month, I’m going to have to try to go with you sometime, probably after the summer.

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