Hey, Map Face!

??????????My face is healing where the cancer was removed, but if you look closely you can see a map of Nevada, or maybe its Florida. Many have complimented the doctor’s work. When he finished removing the stitches he said, “You can walk out of here cancer free.” I answered, “Well – actually, there is no cure yet for Multiple Myeloma.” He looked quickly at the floor and muttered. Maybe I just should have said thank you. I never know if I should speak or keep quiet.

Recently when I was in the hardware store, there was a young man having a bad day. The clerk was trying to help him find something he needed quickly. I saw him when I passed the end of his isle; I was looking at fire extinguishers in the next row. I heard him say loud and clearly, “Everything that could possibly go wrong today has gone wrong!” I was tempted for just a moment to step around the corner and ask him if he has cancer. “No? Then you do not realize what an absolutely wonderful day you are having.” Should I barge in with my unsolicited observation? Would it be a welcome point of view not previously considered, or would it be just one more annoyance in his near record bad day?

Doing my car fire repair has been like doing multiple story problems all associated with replacing fuel lines, vacuum lines, coil wires, starter wires, spark plug wires and distributor cap, and finally reconnecting the battery. Before you put cable to post you figuratively add the scores from all the story problems for a tally of, “will it now melt wires, will it burst into flames, or will it crank over and run?” (Story Problem Example: a red wire left the alternator heading west, to the starter solenoid. Midway along its journey it was joined by another red wire that arrived at the starter at the same time. What was the origin of the second red wire, and to30NOV14 048 which of three terminals should it be connected? Answer: take more pictures and make more diagrams before starting a project like this). I connected the battery, poured some gasoline in the carburetor and (with a fresh extinguisher standing by) hit the key. It started right up. That car sounds good, and it was nice to hear it running again.


4 comments on “Hey, Map Face!

  1. Don MacDonald says:

    HELLO Scott Happy to see things are starting to look better for ya . LIKE Your canser removal on your eye. Speaking of eye Daine went in for her surgery and things came out nice not sure if we got back to ya on that one..      Yup what your doing on the chevy I know the feeling it happen to me on my 57 ply when I was growing up. NOT fun I hit it luck on a few wires went up . I had  short wile I was working on it  So I was able to catch up but it did do some damage.  Allways nice to hit the key and here them fire up .  Glad it work  out for ya.     OK on us Diane went back to work to day for a 3 day job each week untill sometime in jan. May turn out to be more but it is  a new office so we will see.  MYself nothing new just maning the home front like I all ways do when she is working and talking care on what has to be done.       So any way I do enjoy your notes you send to me personaly THE Both of you take care of each other and I will see ya later  Have a good week  thanks  DON 

    • scanfie says:

      Don, that is good news about Diane’s eye surgery, and about having work into January. I’m still chipping away at the repair on the Chevy. My new gauges that quit working after the fire are now working after replacing some wires. I hope you and Diane have a real nice Christmas.

  2. Jon says:

    Hey Scott, You should have told the guy in the hardware store and let him put things in proper perspective. I often think of you and others and my little problems resolve entirely. We have so much to be grateful for. Thanks for the encouragement. Enjoy every minute of Christmas and new years. Love you brother, Jon

    • scanfie says:

      Hi, Jon: Christmas was wonderful with family here. Your little Spotted Genet looks like a chipmunk cat, fun to have around the house. How big will it get? Thanks for the kind words. I love you.

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