Does your face hurt?

??????????Does your face hurt? (No?) Well its killing me! That was funny every time I said or heard it as a kid. Now it’s more like, “does your face hurt?” Well, it doesn’t really hurt, but it feels kind of weird. Between the dermatologist removing the cancer and the plastic surgeon cutting and sewing flesh to fill and cover the crater it left, the most pain was from the needle used to achieve numbness. After that, very little pain. We didn’t count stitches, but the doctor said lots of little stitches give the best results. The skin cancer is gone, but I will be making regular visits to check for re-occurrence.


6 comments on “Does your face hurt?

  1. Tamara Wright says:

    OUCH!!! I imagine you’re glad that’s over with 😊

  2. Don MacDonald says:

     HEY Scott Sorry to here what happen . I can understand what your saying for your going though alot . Somtimes I cant see how you even handle it . YOUR ONE Tough guy for sure.  MY prayers will go to ya tonight but they do all of the time . Thank you for the up date.  BUY the way what is the weather like for ya . FOR US it is cold and been raining ice pellets and reg rain most of the day and now temps are droping and we may have an ice skating rink soon.  So I were being smart and staying home and going no wear.   We were going to to Albany but I had heard about a bad crash whear We would have gone was close on I-5 just out side the exit we have taken .  So we were going to go to our  track that is only 15 mins away and bout 4 miles east of us but we decided it was not a good idea eather so I am sure it is all for the better.   I Hope  the weather was better for you.   Keep in touch when you can .   DON 

    • scanfie says:

      Don, Thank you for the prayers. I really am not a tough guy. The weather here turned cold really fast. I would like to be out in the shop working on the Chevy, but the shop is not heated. I don’t have a deadline, so I’ll work on it when I can enjoy it. I think if I had an Radio Control car track 4 miles from home, I would spend some time there. I love that we could work on our RC cars at the kitchen table where it’s nice and warm.

  3. Linda says:

    Lookin’ good, really….blessings to you and prayers for you….love you guys.

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