Bug Zapper Syndrome

bug zapperI’ve been getting my bi-weekly low dose chemo shots for a while now. The shots produce a few routine side effects during the first couple days; the itchy red spot, chills, feeling more tired than usual, and the bug zapper syndrome. With the bug zapper syndrome, I feel like an electrical jolt has been generated from within and lightly shocks my body. It feels like what a bug zapper sounds like (zzt!), kind of a random internal lightning strike. If all is quiet, I think I hear it in my ears. Some days it will discharge repeatedly before tapering off. I do remember experiencing this zapping a few times long before I ever had chemo. Has anyone else had it?

Next week I meet the plastic surgeon who will do the repair after the skin cancer is removed in mid November.


Three starts a collection

I had a small bump on my face, close to my eye. With this year’s insurance deductibles paid, I thought it would be a good time to see Diane’s dermatologist and have the bump frozen off. Instead, they took a biopsy. They soon called to tell me that it is cancerous, Basil Cell Carcinoma, the most common and low risk of skin cancer. Low risk is good, but I never thought I would be host to three cancers. Three starts a collection. I will see the dermatologist soon to discuss the next step.