Real Good News Today

I stopped in for my monthly Oncologist visit and a quick (bi-weekly) shot in the chemo lounge – they have Velcade on tap. Test results and news from the doc isn’t always good, but you take what you get and do the best you can with it. Today I received very good news. The two main Multiple Myeloma cancer indicators the doc monitors are Light Chains and M-Protein. She said my Light Chains currently are “perfectly normal” and my M-Protein is undetectable (normal). The trend towards normal began in June. She also noted that I’m approaching one year of low dose chemo treatments. She said two years of this is the standard prescription. If things go well, I won’t be taking it the rest of my life.

I have a friend, Dave, who just had cancer surgery and will likely have radiation, and a friend, Diane, who is waiting for biopsy results. I wish I could share this report with them. I don’t mean share the news, I wish them similar results.

Thank you for your continuing prayers and support. I remain grateful to God for my every blessing.


Time Is Speeding

I am really enjoying this summer and this partial remission. Time is speeding, and so am I. I’m rushing to do what I can while I am able. I got a few things done since my last posting here and a few more things nearly done. How do I feel? I feel the best that I have since starting this cancer journey. Last week I had my 3 ½ year post prostate surgery check up. The PSA test came back with the word I love to hear, undetectable. I was showing my urologist the chemouflage on my stomach from the bi-weekly Velcade shots and also my turkey timer belly button, a result of surgery he performed. He said, “That belly button can be fixed, but it’s another surgery.” I told him my thought about tattooing an eyeball on it. He liked the idea but said it would be even better if I tattooed a fish on my stomach (motioning vertically with his hand) and let that be the fish eye. We agree that either tattoo would cost much less than surgery.

Wadia Dooin?

Wadia Dooin?

This summer our younger son, daughter-in-law, and grandson stayed with us for a while. During that time, we watched Kellen go from almost crawling to crawling almost everywhere. I asked Diane if we could make him some chaps and gloves out of dust mop material.

We got to spend a week with them and extended family at Seaside. It was a wonderful vacation.  If you’d like to see some wonderful vacation pictures, click here.

There is a father-son resembelence

Robin and Kellen, I think I see a resemblance here.





I was able to attend an event this summer where I love to take a special kind of time exposure. They are low light, slow shutter speed, moving target, and moving camera photos.  If you would like to see more of those time exposures, click here.

MacGut 2010 (52)

I put a complete set of Dakota gauges in the Chevy. The speedometer broke for the third time (in ten years, that’s not bad for a 57 year old car) and it was time for a more permanent and programmable fix.

New Gauges

New Gauges

Diane and I remain thankful for your prayers and kind words and eternally grateful to God for our every blessing.