Life is good

I recently met my grandson, my first and only grandchild. Every parent (including myself, many years ago) thinks their baby is the cutest, the most intelligent and most talented baby ever. Grandparents think that too. I have re-joined those ranks. It’s been a long time since I held my own babies. It came almost as a surprise when I first held Kellen and felt my heart immediately go out to him. Suddenly I loved him. Suddenly, I loved him so much I would trade my life to protect him. It’s been a long time since I loved someone new.


2 comments on “Life is good

  1. Don MacDonald says:

    GOOD Morning to ya  . Happy to here things are going good. IT is about time. YUP he is cute for sure.  OK you guys have  good easter talk to ya soon thanks for the up date DON

    • scanfie says:

      Hi, Don. Things are going well, but I feel like I’m racing to get things done while I am feeling well enough to do them. What else would a guy do? Thanks for commenting.

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