Back To The Needle

I saw my Pulmonologist again. I asked him about the black spots I saw when he had the camera in my lungs. He said those spots were my bronchial tubes, and that he saw nothing unusual in there. He said all my tests came back negative, and he suspects the Revlimid was causing the cough and the low blood numbers. He asked for another scan to confirm my improvement.

I saw my Urologist again. It was the three year anniversary of my prostate cancer surgery. The blood test results say PSA is undetectable. Those words are sweet to my ears. I am thankful for my recovery from that cancer and surgery.

I saw my Oncologist again. She agrees the Revlimid was probably causing a negative reaction. I stopped taking it a couple months ago. She strongly recommends that I continue my low dose chemo maintenance with Velcade. Revlimid was a pill; Velcade is administered as a shot in the stomach. I’ll get one every two weeks. It’s the same shot I was previously getting twice a week. She reminded me that maintenance medication will give me more time between transplants, and if it buys me a year, it’s well worth it, not just for pushing the next transplant a year farther down the road, but she said with the frequent new developments in the treatment of Multiple Myeloma, one year could make a difference in the future treatments I might receive.

That's me having a lot of fun with co-workers at George's Retirement beach House weekend

That’s me having a lot of fun with co-workers at George’s Retirement Beach House Weekend


4 comments on “Back To The Needle

  1. Don MacDonald says:

     all that is good news to me as well. Must be working on the chev making all of the Difference  😉    Keep me posted and thanks BY the way I hope you never have to do any  head work with  your new stearing collum .looks tight but nice GOOD Job again    DON


    • scanfie says:

      Thanks, Don. You are right, working on the Chevy may be helping me feel better. Also, I agree (although I never like to say never) I hope I never have to do head work, header, steering box, or anything else in that tight space again. But if I do, at least I won’t be a stranger in a strange land, I’ve been there before.

  2. Tamara Wright says:

    Sounds like mostly good news…PTL!

    • scanfie says:

      Hey, if it doesn’t go in the bad news column, it’s good news. I’m not looking forward to more shots in the stomach, but at least they won’t be using the Rabies Needle. I will survive. Thanks for writing.

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