Another Step

After working a couple weeks of half days, my oncologist released me to work full time.  I’ve put in a few 8 hour days now, and I believe I really do prefer half days, but it was time to take another step towards normal.  One of my co-workers asked, “Why don’t you just shave your head?  Your hair cries I survived Chernobyl!”  I pointed out that anyone can shave their head, but only a select few can pull off the, “faint hovering mist” look.

I’ve come to realize that chemo goes in you like a bullet, carefully aimed to mortally wound the cancer.  Piercing its target, it continues clanging and zinging back and forth through your body, messing with everything else until its energy is spent.  I think my chemo bullet rattled all the way down to my feet before expiring, resulting in this stubborn neuropathy.

Last weekend, Diane and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversaryat the Ohana Hawaiian Café in Portland

Last weekend, Diane and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary
at the Ohana Hawaiian Café in Portland

I thought I had lost two good friends to cancer this year – Mountain Dew and Darigold Old Fashioned Chocolate Milk.  I ran into them both recently, and they are as good as ever.


4 comments on “Another Step

  1. Don MacDonald says:

    Hey  buddy your looking grate.  OK I will be over in your area soon .  So be ready. I got word from your bother the chest  part made it to him and he was happy .  So when he called it made my day.   I was more then happy to do it for him.  OK talk to ya soon   DON


  2. Tamara Wright says:

    So glad for your happy reunion with old friends 😉 glad, too, you’re feeling well enough for full-time work! It was so good to visit with you and Diane….thanks for taking the time to come by. Belated anniversary blessings……

    Jerry and Tami

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