Inching My Way….

I’ve been out of the hospital about 4 weeks.  I saw my oncologist yesterday and she agreed to let me start back to work part time, so I was officially on the clock this morning for the first time in over 40 days.  Half days are nice, they go fast.  It was good to be back on the job and to have a few moments of actually feeling useful and productive.  My checklist of things to do while home bound remains unfinished.  Some things will just have to wait until inching my way becomes bigger strides.  


I’m dedicated to the Wispy hair look for now


4 comments on “Inching My Way….

  1. Tamara Wright says:

    Great news, Scott; half days are good!

    • scanfie says:

      Tammy: Half days are very good. When you’re just puttering around the house you don’t realize how easy you get worn out because you don’t do anything to become worn out. Half days are just right for now.

  2. Don MacDonald says:

    HEY GOOD FOR YOU glad you doing good and feeling better at least being able to return will help more then you think. OK Remember Sept is not to far away. I think our meet will be on Saturday the 17th but I have to make sure . I am  happy for ya buddy keep going strong.!!  DON


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