Another Step

After working a couple weeks of half days, my oncologist released me to work full time.  I’ve put in a few 8 hour days now, and I believe I really do prefer half days, but it was time to take another step towards normal.  One of my co-workers asked, “Why don’t you just shave your head?  Your hair cries I survived Chernobyl!”  I pointed out that anyone can shave their head, but only a select few can pull off the, “faint hovering mist” look.

I’ve come to realize that chemo goes in you like a bullet, carefully aimed to mortally wound the cancer.  Piercing its target, it continues clanging and zinging back and forth through your body, messing with everything else until its energy is spent.  I think my chemo bullet rattled all the way down to my feet before expiring, resulting in this stubborn neuropathy.

Last weekend, Diane and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversaryat the Ohana Hawaiian Café in Portland

Last weekend, Diane and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary
at the Ohana Hawaiian Café in Portland

I thought I had lost two good friends to cancer this year – Mountain Dew and Darigold Old Fashioned Chocolate Milk.  I ran into them both recently, and they are as good as ever.


Inching My Way….

I’ve been out of the hospital about 4 weeks.  I saw my oncologist yesterday and she agreed to let me start back to work part time, so I was officially on the clock this morning for the first time in over 40 days.  Half days are nice, they go fast.  It was good to be back on the job and to have a few moments of actually feeling useful and productive.  My checklist of things to do while home bound remains unfinished.  Some things will just have to wait until inching my way becomes bigger strides.  


I’m dedicated to the Wispy hair look for now