Hey, I made it

Hi, everyone. I made it through the stem cell transplant process, and am resting at home. I checked into the Portland Providence Cancer Center on Friday, June 28th.  Monday July 1st was my “Zero” day, the day they put my harvested stem cells back in me.  By July 10th, I was being told my numbers were excellent, and I may be able to go home soon.  I got out on Friday, the 12th, after two weeks.  It wasn’t like doing, “Hard Time,” but two weeks in one room can really wear on you.

I certainly appreciate my visitors there; also those who phoned, emailed, and prayed.  A special thanks to you, Don MacDonald for rebuilding during my hospital stay, the little ship my Grandpa Martin carved from wood, probably sixty years ago or more.  Everyone I came into contact with in the hospital treated me with great kindness, but I can’t express how good it is to be home.

I was in this room for two weeks

I was in this room for two weeks

The ship, renewed
The ship, renewed



6 comments on “Hey, I made it

  1. Don MacDonald says:

    HELLO Scott  I am happy your back home . THE ship is safe and sound and can sail back to ya when ever your ready for it .  she is in a good spot. Your very wellcome on the ship I love rebuilding it. Do get back in touch and I will besure to get back my self..     I just wanted to give you time and rest befor I  called ya.   DON MY Best to you and Diane .  DON


  2. Mary Jo Groff says:

    Scott…your post brought a great sense of relief here in the Groff household.  So good to hear that you are back home in the comfort of your own home.  Is’t God good?   Keep healing, Mary Jo


  3. Stacy says:

    I’m so glad you got to ‘break out’ earlier than expected. I’m glad I was able to walk down the hall to visit you for that 1st week you were in the hospital. Now take care of yourself so you don’t have to go back to 7North. It’s a lovely place, but home is much, much better. Love ya!

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