Let The Transplant Begin

Diane and I met with the Stem Cell Transplant specialist.  She explained the theory of and steps for the transplant.  Seeing it as my best and only real option, I agreed to have it done.  It’s not a cure, but it’s supposed to buy time.  Pre-testing will begin in the last week of May; I should be in the hospital somewhere around the middle of June, and released around the middle of July.  There is a period of recovery at home ranging from one to six months, but at least I will be at home.  After chemotherapy, I was told to continue taking the daily thalidomide pills.  I can stop those now and hope to see some side effects go away.  Thank you all for your prayers and support.


Brandon was born thirty five years ago today; one third of the best part of my life.


I shaved my stomach for this?

I’m at the end of Chemotherapy series number four, that’s twelve weeks of treatments.  The results of today’s bone marrow biopsy will be key in deciding the next step: more chemo, or more likely, a stem cell transplant.

When I had my first subcutaneous infusion there in the Chemo Lounge, the nurse finished by putting a small round band aid on the shot site.  It was just an unassuming band aid, but it stuck like superglue.  If all medical fields had advanced as well as the field of band aids, everyone would be living longer and healthier.  I never thought of my stomach as hairy, but when I finally got a grip on the edge of that circle of protection and pried it off my skin, it was covered with hair.  It looked as if it had been pulled off Rocky the cat.  Considering I was going to have to do that about 15 more times, shaving my stomach seemed a good idea.  It turned out to be a waste of time, I just stopped using the band aids.

I have two appointments next week, one for the biopsy test results, and one with a stem cell transplant specialist.  When I first heard that a transplant involves up to a month in the hospital, I thought, “No Way.”  But when I considered the alternative (possibly being dead), I thought I could probably stand on my head for a month in the hospital.  Summer is approaching, and my summer calendar is about to get marked up.  It’s exciting to see what the next month will bring.  Thank you for your prayers for Diane and me.  Our lives have been full of blessings.  We get joy from your words and deeds, working as God’s hands.  We are encouraged as you remind us how all powerful is Jesus; awesome and yet accessible to each of us.  We take comfort in God’s Peace, what ever happens.

Robin and Aubrie are telling us something with these little baby shoes

Robin and Aubrie are telling us something with these little baby shoes