I Just Realized

I used to breeze through my chemo treatments feeling that I was getting off easy.  Slowly, very subtly, but without question I am increasingly weaker, tired, and easily out of breath.  I had completely forgotten about the, “brink of death” part of chemotherapy.  I’ve seen it in the past, where chemo seemed to bring a patient to that point, to then be rescued and hopefully cured.  I imagine this chemo journey I’m on could end at that brink.  At work, I told my boss about my realization.  I told him that if I am on the road to the brink, I suspect I will need to modify my work schedule, and if I actually reach the brink of death, I may only be able to work half days.



A layered time exposure


4 comments on “I Just Realized

  1. Don MacDonald says:

      HELLO Scott I pray and  hope things will turn out good.    I will keep you in my thoughs like I have all of the time.     We still have a meeting in september  god willing will let us keep that meeting. I wish you all of the luck I can send.  I have heard of what your saying .  So I can only pray for the best for ya . Thanks  DON


    • scanfie says:

      Thanks, Don. Sorry about the delay getting back. I’ll be having a bone marrow biopsy in a couple weeks, and then I will be seeing a stem cell transplant specialist after that. It’s kind of exciting to see where this goes next.

  2. Dave Schluckebier says:

    Nothing clever or witty. Just know I love you and still pray for you. Will call you this week

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