Just A Quick Note

I’m about half way through series three, about eight weeks on chemo.  It is beginning to wear; I’ve left work early a couple times, just very tired.  I should be modifying performance curves for segments of pavement, but it’s becoming difficult to concentrate.  The items on my short list of symptoms so far have politely taken turns, one at a time temporarily taking position at the top of the list.  The doctors say I look good and my blood looks good, so we continue on.


More Waiting


12 comments on “Just A Quick Note

  1. Diane MacDonald says:

    Scott, hang in there friend. I know it is difficult, especially since you’ve been through so much with this cancer. I still pray for you every night. (And your cat picture is adorable! – what personality that cat has!)

  2. Don MacDonald says:

    HELLO Scott. Thank you for the up dates.  It was realy neat to see you that day. Allways happy to see ya when ever you can get over this way. By the way I know of a couple of shows that I may be invlove in that may not be to far from ya besides the one at  Even green. I will let you know when I fine out more. THEN you can come out and play with a tank if you want to ?       I can see whear that stuff can whear you out BUT if it is working it is worth it . I just pray it keeps going good for ya .   OK do keep us posted and I am looking forward of seeing ya in Septemeber when I am coming home that day. OK take care and my best to you and the family. BY the way I see something about you the mullers is that same family that is BOBs from the boat club. I know he has been married a couple of times.  talk to ya soon  DON


    • scanfie says:

      Thanks, Don. The two young men with baseball caps are Bob’s sons. I’ve known them since they were little kids and I love them both. My doctor called yesterday to tell me about some blood test results. She said the numbers were real good, and it appears that the chemo is doing what they hoped it would do. I’m still scheduled for three more weeks of chemo, and I’m penciled in for three more weeks after that.

  3. Your cat doesn’t seem to have much of an opinion, but then that seems to be the nature of cats. Intending you are feeling better and better as the treatment progresses….

    • scanfie says:

      Thanks, Sandy. This cat (Rocky) insists that you walk around him if he might be in your path, and that you sit elsewhere if you are considering sitting where he is comfortable.

  4. Tamara Wright says:

    Still praying, Scott……. glad your symptoms take turns, but it would be great not to have any, wouldn’t it! Jerry did better this time… lots of tweaking with meds.

  5. Linda Schrepel says:

    Keep on plugging through. We’ll all just have to pray a little harder.

    • scanfie says:

      Thanks, Linda. I keep on plugging, but I think my plugging is a little slower than it used to be. Hey, I sold that slide scanner. I came to the conclusion that I won’t be doing anymore projects like that.

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