I Just Realized

I used to breeze through my chemo treatments feeling that I was getting off easy.  Slowly, very subtly, but without question I am increasingly weaker, tired, and easily out of breath.  I had completely forgotten about the, “brink of death” part of chemotherapy.  I’ve seen it in the past, where chemo seemed to bring a patient to that point, to then be rescued and hopefully cured.  I imagine this chemo journey I’m on could end at that brink.  At work, I told my boss about my realization.  I told him that if I am on the road to the brink, I suspect I will need to modify my work schedule, and if I actually reach the brink of death, I may only be able to work half days.



A layered time exposure


Just A Quick Note

I’m about half way through series three, about eight weeks on chemo.  It is beginning to wear; I’ve left work early a couple times, just very tired.  I should be modifying performance curves for segments of pavement, but it’s becoming difficult to concentrate.  The items on my short list of symptoms so far have politely taken turns, one at a time temporarily taking position at the top of the list.  The doctors say I look good and my blood looks good, so we continue on.


More Waiting