I Think It’s Going Okay

One more infusion will get me to the free week of series two, except that it’s no longer free.  It will be free from shots, but since I’m tolerating the meds well, I’m instructed to continue the thalidomide through the free weeks.  The shots leave red patches on my stomach.  They’re starting to resemble a camouflage pattern but I suppose its really chemouflage.  The needle is actually short and small.  I told the nurse she could stand at the edge of the carpet in the Chemo lounge, and I would stand by my chair and hold my shirt up.  She could test her skill and toss it like a dart.  Liability is such a big wet blanket that spoils so much fun.



8 comments on “I Think It’s Going Okay

  1. Don MacDonald says:

     HEY thanks for the up date . Sounds  like your doing ok  and  have not lost your sence of humer ,   Becarefull those nurces may take you up on your offer of her dart skills. ;-))   Keep in touch whenyou can     and thank you . I am still planing on seeing you sometime in September.  talk to ya soon  DON


    • Hi Scott, thank you for letting everyone know how you are doing. It’s a faith builder for the ones that are praying for you. Tell Diane hi from me….=) love you guys. Marcy

      • scanfie says:

        Hi, Marcea: How did this one get away? I’m sorry I haven’t replied. I’m just taking the medicine and doing what the doctor says. Thanks for the prayers.

    • scanfie says:

      Hey, Don: I didn’t know I would see you the same day you posted this. It was good to see both of you, thanks for the reply.

  2. Alice& Tony Pawlicki says:

    Scott, thanks for the update. I have finally had a chance to get on and read this interesting blog you are writing. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade. Thanks. You and Diane are in our prayers and hope your “free” week wasn’t too terrible. Free weeks sometimes just break the routine. Thinking about you all.

    • scanfie says:

      Hi, Alice & Tony: Thanks for having a look at the blog, and thanks for the prayers. The free week is ticking away and so far doesn’t feel much different than the other weeks. I feel so fortunate that I can continue working.

      • Alice& Tony Pawlicki says:

        Keep hanging in there. You are a doing all you can do. and when prayers are answered you can send a blog entry we are all wanting to hear. are you working FULL time? or have they made some ‘home’ accomodations? How is your strength? hugs to you and Diane.

      • scanfie says:

        I feel very fortunate that I am still able to work full time. I do get off work a couple hours early on the days I go to the chemo lounge and get shots. My strength is not great; maybe it’s not strength, I just get tired. It still surprises me how quickly I get out of breath. My legs feel a little fuzzy and unsteady, but that’s usually just in the first few steps. Once I get going, they follow.

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