Day 4 / Treatment 2

I just got home from my second Chemo treatment. In official Chemo Lingo, that would be Day 4 / Treatment 2. So far, any effects I’m feeling have been very minor and fleeting (but hopefully the good effects are going on inside like they are supposed to). Day 1 / Treatment 1 was Monday, February 25th. It was a longer stay, including an IV and a visit to the Chemo Lounge. If all goes well, I can avoid having IV’s or a port, and get my Velcade shots sub-cue. They have a polite medical term for sticking a needle in a handful of flab, I forgot what they called it, but that is subcutaneous. After the hospital visit (and every evening of the two “on weeks”) I go home and take about 15 pills. One is the other main component of my Chemo, that’ the Thalidomide pill, a hand full of small steroid pills, and some other assorted pills, some I take daily anyway.

This will go on for three cycles of two weeks on and one week off. At the end of those cycles, I will be re-evaluated and may get another cycle or two, and then maybe a stem cell transplant.

Thank you for your prayers for Diane and me, for all the kindness, and for asking how we are doing. A lot of folks are very private about their medical concerns, I probably talk too freely about mine, but blessings have come from that. You and others telling me you are praying are blessings; some were very unexpected. One said they don’t normally pray, but they are praying for me. That fills my heart with hope.

Still Waiting

Still Waiting


6 comments on “Day 4 / Treatment 2

  1. John says:

    Thanks for the update. Your positive attitude is refreshing. Good thing is you’ll save money on haircuts and its a good weight loss program. I’m going to try to see u this summer if I can escape work. Love you lots. John.

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  2. Toni Ladd says:

    I have been following your blog. I live in Beaverton, OR and have MGUS along with several other conditions. My MGUS was caused as a sde effect from a arthritic conditon. It showed up as high kappa light chains, a high kappa/lamda ratio, bence-jones proteins in my urine and a few other abnormal tests. I have no M-spike. I am followed at OHSU hematology by Dr. Emma Scott who is an expert in Myeloma. My case is unique. I take steroids which keep my light chains down. She states that I have a 15% chance of progressing to Myeloma during the rest of my life. (I am 57) I try to keep on living and leave my worries and anxiety with God. I am very religious and I am writing to let you know that you are in my prayers for recovery! Do you mind me asking where you receive treatment and do you go to the Myeloma support group from the Leukemia Society? My best to you and many prayers as you continue treatment.

    • scanfie says:

      Hi, Toni: A unique case with no M-spike, I don’t know for sure but it sounds better than a regular MM diagnosis. I am receiving my Chemo treatments here in Newberg, at my Oncologist’s office in the hospital. I have been a few times to the Myeloma support group meeting at St. Vincent’s, nice people there. Thank you for including me in your prayers.

  3. Don MacDonald says:

     Thank for the personal note.      I am keeping you in my thoughts.  Remember I plan on  catching up with you in September. Depending on how your feeling at that time.       See you then.  DON


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