Stability Is Constant (at least for now)

I left work yesterday telling my co-workers I was going to “spin the wheel” again at my oncologist’s office.  The wheel appears to have stopped once more on, “stable.”  I tell everyone that I would be happy to remain stable for the rest of my life.  I won’t get tired of that word, stable, I hope you don’t mind my repeating it.  Thank you for your prayers.

The current test results that were available right away showed no notable change.  The results for the test that really tells what’s going on will not be available for a few days.

During the exam, the doc asked if I was experiencing any pain or numbness, or anything unusual.  I told her that next time I see my urologist; I was going to ask him about my belly button.  It’s been “weird” since the prostate surgery.  There’s a little skin bubble where the button used to be.  She took a look and said it’s herniated.  She said it won’t be a problem unless some “bowel” gets into it (or, unless a head with slime dripping fangs pops out of it).  I wondered out loud about the rare opportunity to incorporate that little bubble into a three dimensional tattoo; an eyeball tattoo would be perfect there!


Maybe something like this?

20DEC12 004

Also very rare, our cats sitting quietly together. Probably resting up for the late night cat races


3 comments on “Stability Is Constant (at least for now)

  1. Don MacDonald says:

    HEY Scott lets stay that way.  NOW that would shake a few up if you did the eye ball thing what do you think: I am sure it has been done somewhear but I have never even thought about a tato.  Some different for sure.   Happy your doing well.  Do keep me up dated. I may out your way during on day in a few months if I am involve with the OMHS show at everygeen I am not sure when but when I fine out  I will let you know for sure maybe we on that day we can sit back and have a few memorys together .  DON thanks


    • Diane MacDonald says:

      Okay, I’ll try this a second time – didn’t post the first time. Something about my email not being correct. Anyway, I was saying that “stable” is a great word given your history especially. I am so glad you are “stable” and hope that is the new norm. Also think the eye tatoo is a great idea! Your racing cats – ours does the same but he has to do it alone. I am grateful for a 13-year old cat that still “races”. God bless you, Scott, and I hope this blessing of stable continues for you. Take care.

  2. scanfie says:

    Thank you, Don and Diane. I think I’ll be seeing you soon.

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