Spin The Wheel

I left work at noon telling the guys I was going to my 3 month cancer check appointment to “spin the wheel.”  That’s kind of what it feels like.  Today the wheel landed on 1.29.  That’s my M-spike, or M-protein number, the main indicator the doctor watches to monitor this cancer.  Although my bone marrow biopsy in June had actual good news, today’s 1.29 (up from 1.2 in June, up from 1.0 in March) is not.  This prompted the Doc to prescribe another skeletal survey (a full body set of x-rays) to see if there are any bone lesions or tumors under construction.  I will go back in two weeks to discuss the x-ray results and the next step, if any.  Note to self:  Thank God for a wonderful year beyond the Multiple Myeloma diagnoses.  If I get more years, thank him for those also.

Living on the edge


3 comments on “Spin The Wheel

  1. Don MacDonald says:

    HELLO Scott thanks for the  personal UP Date. If I had your number with me  last month as I was going through newbird I would have stop.I was at the evergreen model and swap meet . O ya I am into  1.16 th scale tanks for I can no longer build the ships.  ok do keep in touch  DON Thanks


  2. Tamara says:

    Praying for encouraging x-ray results…….NO new disease 🙂

  3. scanfie says:

    Don: I can’t believe summer is gone and we never did get together. I still hope we can sometime.
    Tamara: Thank You

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