Stable is good

The wind almost blew the Christmas lights off our house, okay not really, I took this picture years ago.

It’s been a few months; I thought it might be time for an update. I recently had my 3 month cancer test and I found the message with results from my Oncologist on our voice mail today after work, “stable, the same as before.” That’s a message I can’t imaging getting tired of hearing.

I have had two MRI’s since my last update. The one in September caused some concern. The Neurologists office called me the same day I had the MRI saying the doctor needed to see me as soon as possible. When I saw him the next day, he came into the exam room and said, “I had to see you with my own eyes!” He explained that the MRI showed a small piece of what was left of my crushed vertebra poking quite sharply into my spine (the T8 vertebra had become a tumor from this cancer, and then it collapsed). He went on to express surprise that I was walking, that I didn’t have pain shooting down my legs, and/or tingling and numbness. He did some push – pull tests on my legs and said if any of those symptoms develop, or if I lose bladder control, to call him immediately. The MRI last week showed no notable change.


September MRI

I can feel that poking in my back, but it is not pain. It’s more like a distraction. It’s almost always there, but entire moments do pass when I’m not aware of it. I got the distinct impression that the doctor thought it was somewhat of a medical oddity. I’m going to thank you for holding me up in prayer, and I’m going to thank God for every walking, pain free day I get. I’ll thank him for all the other days too, but I’m pretty sure I like these better.

Thank you.