So many doctors


I lost 30 lbs so they tested to see if I might no longer have Sleep Apnea

Hi, Everyone:

Some have asked how I am doing, so maybe it’s time for another update. My world seems to be full of doctors now. I have recently seen my general practitioner, my sleep doctor, and my eye doctor. On September 12th, I saw my prostate surgeon / Urologist, our first visit in over four months. They tested my blood and found no trace of PSA, so I remain prostate cancer free. As for my side effects from the surgery, things are pretty good, and the doc predicts that they will continue to improve as time passes. I won’t see him again for six months.

On September 08, I saw my Oncologist. They tested my blood to see if there is any change in my Smoldering Myeloma. That’s what I have, Smoldering Myeloma. It will smolder in my bones until the day it makes a move, if ever. It’s not guaranteed, but the Doc predicts it will happen; it’s just how my numbers add up. I’ve been holding this update for those test results, and I just got them today. I will have this test every three months. What they look for is the amount of, “M Protein” in my blood. The reading from this test was 0.8, and the previous test showed 0.8. My first test in July gave a reading of 1.1, so the number has actually come down just a bit, and lower is better.

On August 25th, I saw my neurologist. I am shorter than I used to be. He said my vertebra was completely crushed, but as long as I didn’t have pain shooting down my legs and loss of bladder control (from crushed nerves), I was in pretty good shape and there wasn’t much else to do about the back but let it heal. I am classified as one with, “tolerable pain.” I have a mild back ache most of the time, but it can be controlled with over the counter medicine, so it’s tolerable. He has seen many x-rays of me and wants another MRI this Tuesday.

I will also see my Radiologist near the end of the month as a follow up to my radiation treatments. The hospital called me the day before my final radiation treatment to tell me the secret parking lot, just outside their door, just for radiation treatment patients would be closed the next day. We spent the month hiking from the parking structure across the street, having never heard of the secret parking lot.

So, how am I feeling? I’m feeling okay, looking forward to feeling better. I have regained my appetite, and some of the weight I had lost. I have a list of physical complaints, but it is short and relatively petty. I thank God every day, as I have much to be thankful for, including you asking about me now and then and remembering me in your prayers.

Thank you.



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