How’d ya get in that there wheel chair?

I am just about halfway through my radiation treatments.

Jon Cadd, and often his wife, Cher, drove me to about half of my treatments and some doctor appointments. I would often look out the window and catch Jon mowing our lawn. He also helped me with some painting, moving boxes and furniture, taking out the trash; he walked with me, prayed with me, and sometimes just stopped by to visit. Thank you, Jon & Cher.

In the first week, I needed a wheel chair to get out of the hospital after the treatments. In the second week, the pain was much less and I was happy to be walking out. It’s been great to sleep in a bed again, but I’ve been restricted to one comfortable position (the right side). In the last couple nights, that sleep comfort zone has expanded nicely.

Each day, the treatments are a little more tolerable and the sleep situation is a little bit better. I’m still losing weight because I just don’t have an appetite. I’ve lost about 25 pounds, and I am extremely disappointed to have to report that I still cut a silhouette of Homer Simpson.

My doctor says “the indicators” lead her to believe the cancer I have is Plasma Cytoma, which responds very well to radiation treatments. In about a week, I will have a bone marrow biopsy. This will be done to rule out the possibility that the cancer is Multiple Myeloma, which is very similar to the other, but has no cure.

As I have said before, I so appreciate your prayers. I don’t know how to thank you. I can’t imagine going through something like this without God’s Awesome Peace. Knowing that you pray for me (and with me) overflows me with a loving, lifted up feeling I can’t explain (but, I sure do love it!).

Thank you,



One comment on “How’d ya get in that there wheel chair?

  1. jcadd says:

    Hey Scott,
    It is an honor for us to help you. I am just happy I could be around for that. It has seemed that our friendship is very one sided as to the being able to give into the others life. You have blessed us beyond belief with all of your help and gifts of cameras and prayers and supporting us in Africa and storing our car and stuff. We are the ones who were blessed.
    Sorry I ran out of gas while delivering you to the hospital. That us unforgivable for pilots! But the tank did say half! Anyway, it was all part of the adventure. I am proud to count you among my friends. Love you my brother,

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