Another Cancer?

Hi, Everyone:

Diane and I learned today that I have another cancer – unrelated to the Prostate cancer of recent months.

This cancer is in my spine and is called Plasma Cytoma or, it could be Multiple Myeloma. Both are similar. We will know which one I have after a bone marrow biopsy. The doc agreed that my pain level is currently too high to go for the bone marrow biopsy, so that will come after the radiation treatments have started, and those will be everyday for four weeks. Treatment for both cancers include radiation, could include surgery, and the Multiple Myeloma would include chemo therapy.

At Josh & Katrina’s wedding, my back was hurting


Getting to this point, I feel that I am putting together quite a resume as a patient with my growing list of x-rays, MRI’s, PET scans, CT scans, biopsies, catheter usage, and enough IV needles that I think I could install the next one myself. I’m feeling quite practiced as a patient, but I’m not sure just where these credentials will get me.

I don’t know how to respond to all the love and support directed to Diane and I, except to say thank you. The things you say and do come to me as more evidence of God’s Love and Peace. Thank you each for being part of that.



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