Last chance to make a run for it

Hi, everyone; Two updates in this email (three if you count the fact that we actually now have TILE ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR):

Brandon & Emily on the Nile

First, Brandon and Emily were evacuated out of Egypt to Germany. After about a week, Brandon returned to Cairo and Emily went to visit her parents in North Carolina. Shortly after her arrival, her folks announced they were moving to Florida. She has been helping with that project and hopes to return home to Cairo and Brandon in a couple weeks. Brandon has been back to work at the American University. He said there is still some instability around the country, but mostly fine in his area.

Second, I went to the hospital today in preparation for my surgery in one week. I did some pre-registering, pre-admitting, and even had the opportunity to do some pre-paying. I declined the pre-paying of my deductible, explaining how silly it would be if I paid today and later decided to make a run for it. I met again with my surgeon. We went over a few details and we are both ready to go.

I will check into Meridian Park hospital at about 6:30 am on March 17th for my scheduled surgery at 8:30. They tell me to plan on one or two nights in the hospital, and two to four weeks recovering at home before returning to full time work.

I want to thank you again for your prayers, I can feel them, and they give me peace. When you pray, would you also pray for my cousin, Dennis Sturdevant, his wife and his family, for strength and peace? Dennis was also recently diagnosed with cancer. It’s advanced and can’t be treated.

Thank you,



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