How’s your schedule looking?

Diane and I on a Felucca on the Nile

Diane and I just returned from our trip to Egypt and Israel. It was an awesome experience, and I can’t thank Brandon and Emily enough for the wonderful time they gave us. We saw much and took many pictures. Near the end, Diane and I were discussing the best of the trip; it’s very difficult to choose what the best part was. We agreed that just being with Brandon and Emily was the highlight. We left Cairo just about the time the protesting began. People have been asking: communications are poor, the American University in Cairo has closed for a week, and an occasional tank can be seen on their street and gun fire heard, but as of last night Brandon and Emily were safe in their apartment.

While in Cairo, I was in contact with my doctor’s office. As a result of my exam just before the trip, they recommended scheduling the surgery. I am not in an urgent condition, but they don’t want me to wait until things become urgent. I will have the surgery on March 17th. I want to thank each of you for your prayers, they really do matter. I can feel a certain peace and strength from knowing that you pray to God for me. What ever happens, I thank you for your prayers.

A traditional Felucca





One comment on “How’s your schedule looking?

  1. brandon says:

    Funny story – it was on this very day that Emily and I had literally barricaded ourselves into our apartment (in Cairo), hoping that the bookcase and couch and piled chairs and piled anything-of-substantial-mass that we owned would be sufficient to keep out anyone who might want badly to get in. This while the mosque across the street broadcast warnings of the massive prison breakout less than a mile away and advised vigilant defense of home and family (we had resigned ourselves to the fact that should our building have caught fire – should the members of the audibly approaching mob on the street below decide simply to wreak destruction instead of invasion – we would be unable to escape the apartment). We wanted to call you, as there were periods throughout that night in which it seemed likely we would not see you again, but by that point nearly all communications had been shut down and we could only receive (but not send) international telephone calls on our local land-line. It is nice to get other days when you need them.

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