What are the odds?

Odds that I have prostate cancer: 100%

Odds that I will survive it: 97%

I got the call from the doctor’s office Wednesday just before lunch. The lady said I had “a little bit of cancer” in my prostate, and to come in and see the doctor Thursday evening. I asked her if she said, “a little bit of cancer?” and we both laughed. I’m not sure why either of us was laughing. I was wondering if having a little cancer was like being a little pregnant. Turns out it is.

I spent an hour with the doctor and he carefully gave a detailed description of my diagnosis and treatment options. I do have prostate cancer. I thought the part about having a little bit meant they might just need to trim a little off the sides, but what it means is that I am fortunate that it was discovered early and it has not spread out of the prostate. In fact, it appears that it has not spread much inside the prostate, but it still has to go.

Of the options available to me for treating this cancer, surgery looks to be the best. There are two surgery options, open and laparoscopic / robotic. My doctor says I am a very good candidate for the robotic surgery, and has referred me to a doctor who specializes in that. I will call him tomorrow, and the adventure will continue.

So, the good news is I am not going to die soon from prostate cancer. The bad news is that it looks like I will be going in for surgery and then learning to deal with the changes that come from that surgery.

Until Later,



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